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The Bread Convenience Company


Vleems Food started in 1981 under the name "Henk Vleems Belegde Broodjes". Henk Vleems set out as a regional supplier of filled rolls to the catering industry. The company has been expanding ever since:

1981:   Henk Vleems sets up "Henk Vleems Belegde
           Broodjes" in Nieuw-Amsterdam, supplying local
           retailers (petrol stations/sports club canteens). 1982:   Start supplying wholesalers
1990:   Start co-packing for retail business
1997:   First retail customer
           (Dirk van den Broek supermarkets)
2000:   Market leader in bread snacks in the Netherlands
2000:   First international customer, Mercadona in Spain
2001:   Due to business growth,
           factory and offices move to Emmen.
2008:   Establishment of own industrial bakery:
           Vleems Bakery.
2013:   Acquired by Driesprong Food + new management.
heden: Vleems Food is a dynamic company with a wide
           range of products, focused on developing new,
           sustainable convenience concepts.

Vleems Food - "The Bread Convenience Company"

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